I had installed udiMagic licensed version sometime back. Recently there is a new release of udiMagic Software. Should I uninstall the existing udiMagic before installing the new release of udiMagic ?


(Applicable to udiMagic v9.0 and higher)

Alternative 1

Download the setup and Install the new release of udiMagic. By default, udiMagic gets installed in a new folder. This way you can retain both the older udiMagic and the latest udiMagic in two separate folders.

The Excel templates in the new release may be different from the earlier one. Hence, if you use the latest udiMagic, then use the new templates only.

Alternative 2

a. Uninstall the existing udiMagic using the "unins000.exe" file which is there in the folder where existing udiMagic is installed.
b. Next, install the latest udiMagic software. 

To get the download link (by email) for the latest udiMagic Release, provide your udiMagic Serial Number in this link :