I have multiple items with different GST rates (example 12%, 18%, 28%) in a single Sales Invoice. In addition, I want to add "Services Charges" which is taxed as GST 18% ? How to do it ?

To add "Service Charges" or  "Freight charges" or "Shipping charges" after StockItems but before GST Taxes, you must keep the STOCKITEM-NAME; QTY; RATE as blank.

Here's a sample entry  :

StockItem-NameQtyRateAmountCGST AmtSGST AmtSales Ledger
Bush110010066Sales @ 12%
Oil11001001414Sales @ 28%

10099Service Charges @ 18%


1. The sample entries in the Standard template Vouchers-V9-Sales-Purchase-Basic.xls and Vouchers-V9-Sales-Purchase.xls contain a sample record for Sale entry with Freight.
2. You must set / update the Tax-type (i.e. Nature of transaction) and tax-rate for the Service Ledger / Other ledger in Tally (as this is not done automatically)